You may not have thought much about toddler slippers before but I have found that my little 2 year old daughter loves wearing them. Slippers keep her little feet warm on the cold mornings, give her some protection while moving around the house and keep her feet clean.

I have noticed that when she wakes in the morning and gets out of bed her hands and feet are the quickest parts to get cold. We have tiles on our kitchen floor so when we go down for breakfast she likes to put her slippers on.

There are so many styles of toddler slippers and it can be difficult to choose the right ones. You should look at how they are worn, for example will they stay on and not come off too easily? Are they warm enough in the winter months or cool enough in the summer months?

Other important features to look for are non-slip soles, non-marking soles and what your child actually likes. Something I advise is to let your toddler help choose their own slippers, unless it is a surprise gift for them. This way they get a pair of slippers that they will enjoy wearing and get a lot of use from. This will represent better value for money in the long run.

Some Different Types of Toddler Slippers

Whether you are looking for toddler girl slippers or toddler boy slippers there is a vast choice available and there are very different styles to choose from. Our little girl has two pairs of slippers at the moment; a pair of Crocs and a fluffy warm pair of traditional style slippers. Other types of slippers for toddlers include Moccasins, boot slippers, slipper socks and Crocs. Although Crocs are more of a shoe, they make a great indoor shoe for a young child and they are easy for a toddler to put on by themselves.

Conventional Style Slippers

Toddler SlippersThese are what most people think of when the word slippers in mentioned. A traditional shoe shaped piece of footwear that is soft and comfortable to wear. They are generally slipped on without fastenings and come in many styles, colors and themes. Often toddler slippers are designed with TV or movie characters in mind; Buzz Lightyear slippers are popular for toddlers, as are Spiderman and Dora the Explorer to name just a few. Often slippers will come as a matching set with kids pyjamas, making a great gift idea for Christmas or a birthday.

It is important that your child’s slippers fit them correctly and provide adequate support, even though they are probably just going to be worn around the house. An example I can give is that my daughter’s slippers were really nice when they were new; she liked them, they were snug and did a great job. However, over the weeks they have gradually lost their support around the ankle and the side of the foot. Now her feet roll outward over the sides of the sole. This is no good for her feet or joints because her posture when walking is not correct or healthy. The foot needs to be flat on the floor, not pronating (leaning inwards) or supinating (leaning outwards) too much.


Moccasin Slippers

Moccasins are a type of shoe or slipper originating form Native American Indians. Their footwear was often made from the skin of an animal, such a deer. Moder

n Moccasins are still made from leather or suede but also man-made materials for those who prefer. Modern day Moccasin slippers are very soft and warm, usually with a cosy fur or fur effect lining inside. Traditional Moccasins have decorative stitching across the top section (the upper) with stitching around the front and sides too. Most Moccasin type slippers don’t stray too far from this design. The soles on Moccasin slippers are more often than not very thin, just like animal hide. This gives a very natural feel to the wearer.


Boot Slippers

Boot slippers are becoming more popular right now. Cosy, snug and warm these slippers come in all kinds of colours and materials. They are larger than a shoe type slipper and cover the whole foot, the ankle and lower part of the legs. You can also get them in a ‘bootie’ style that only goes as far as the ankle. Slipper boots are similar to Ugg boots but meant for indoor use. They still have rubber soles or some kind of sole made from a suitable material, which gives traction and support.

They are relatively easy for a toddler to pull on themselves and once on they will keep their feet warm and comfortable all day long. I am not so sure they are suited to warmer weather but through the colder seasons they are a sure favourite for most kids. Boot slippers are for girls rather than boys, in my opinion. In fact most of the ones you will find available are in girlie colors and themes.



Slipper Socks

I like slipper socks. They are no bigger than the foot they go on so don’t impact on how you walk. They do not have a rigid sole and so there will be less protection against hard or sharp objects under foot. However, they are easily worn in bed so your toddler can keep them on all night if they want to. Toddler slipper socks are good for young children; I have found that until my daughter got used to wearing slippers they would come off quite often, regardless of fit. Now she is used to wearing shoes and slippers it is not a problem but in the early stages I recommend slipper socks for a toddler.

Slipper socks or sock slippers are essentially thick socks but with grip on the soles. They can be long sock that are worn on the legs or ankle socks that only go as far as the ankles. Whichever your child prefers you will have confidence that they will not slip over on smooth surfaces like kitchen tiles. On the sole there is usually a non-slip rubber pattern, sometimes in a fun design like a tyre tread or animal paw print.




Crocs really do come in all sorts of shapes and styles. I have to say that out of all my little girl’s footwear she loves her Crocs the most. It may have something to do with the fact that she can slip them on all by herself. Although Crocs are designed as shoes for general use, they make great house slippers for toddlers and adults. My daughter’s Classic ‘Cayman’ style Crocs have a strap at the back, which can be worn to the front of the ankle or to the rear. Having it to the rear helps keep the shoe on the foot. When it is to the front the Crocs are pretty much the same as clogs and could be a little difficult for a toddler to keep on their feet.

Since 2004 Crocs Inc. have been manufacturing their foam resin shoes that have proved extremely popular. Some of the features that make Crocs a popular choice are:

  • Odor-resistant, easy to clean, and quick to dry.
  • Contoured, orthotic foot bed for comfort.
  • Advanced toe box ventilation for breathability.
  • Lightweight, non-marking soles.

The original design named Cayman has evolved somewhat with a whole host of features and materials being added; fleece lining, leather trim and an extensive range of colors to choose from. I think the key to the popularity of Crocs as a kids shoe or slipper is that they are very lightweight, easy to wear and can be personalised to the wearer in as far as color and style go.

Some Top Toddler Slipper Tips

Make Sure They Are a Good Fit

Whichever type of slipper you go for make sure they are a good fit. If possible take your toddler along to the store so they can try some slippers on. Generally kids slipper sizes match shoe sizes and it may be easier and more convenient to order online. In either case, when your child tries them on ensure they are a good fit and do not easily come off. If a poor fitting slipper does come off while your toddler is on the stairs or running through the kitchen it can cause them to fall and get hurt. As well as that they will get fed up wearing them if they have to keep putting them back on each time they come off. Some toddler slippers have elasticated material around the ankle. This helps to keep the slippers snuggly attached to the feet.

Choose a Non-Slip Sole

Toddlers love getting around and seem to like running if they can. For this reason slippers with rubber soles are important for toddlers. It is a good idea to find slippers with a non-slip sole made of good quality rubber. This may be where moccasins are not such a good idea for toddlers. However, if indoors slipper socks can be a novel idea, with the rubber patterning on the bottom that acts as a safe grip for a toddler’s feet. Most conventional kids slippers have a flat rubber sole but check the stitching and overall quality of the slipper. You get what you pay for and may prefer a long lasting pair of slippers for your toddler, instead of spending time and money replacing them every few weeks or months.

Out of the different styles of slippers available you should consider which is best for your child. Maybe let them choose as it is they who will be wearing them. The fit of your child’s slippers must be snug. If too big or poorly designed they can come off whilst your child is moving around and could cause an injury. A good quality non-slip sole is important too, especially if you have wooden or tiled floors at home.

Non-Marking Soles

Don’t forget that many soles, especially if they are a dark colour, can mark hard smooth floors. That’s why basketball shoes and squash shoes are made with a non marking sole. They are often a light colour rubber too. So if you have nice tiles in your kitchen or parquet flooring (we have light coloured tiles) get slippers with a non-marking sole.



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